Amazon Kindle 3: The Best E-Book Reader in Market

Amazon Kindle 3: The Best E-Book Reader in Market

High number of product favoring consumer reviews regarding an item plays an important role in selecting and identifying good reliable products. Generally on everyday basis new developments are taking place with respect to the launch of the products but very few like eBook attracts the potential reader segment.

The latest generation of superior kindles like Amazon Kindle 3 is available as either WIFI or 3G model and therefore, falls under the category of wireless reading devices. The world’s largest online site Amazon have developed cutting edged eReader by the support of the innovations by their engineers. The Kindle 3 is an exclusive eBook reader rated 4 to 5 stars and stood as best product sold in the previous two years.

Amazon Kindle 3 possesses the three main benefits as given below:
  • The perfect design for comfortable usage by customer with an ease.
  • Display is sophisticated
  • Storage capacity is high

Kindle 1 and Kindle 2 e readers launched by Amazon and was aware of the previous million buyers about the likings of the e-readers whereas Kindle 3 is an improved version over the first generation models. Therefore, the latest model is light in weight, thin and is attractive in its features followed by easier navigation with newly redesigned buttons for control. At the same time the 3G model takes less than a minute to download an eBook.

Besides this it offers a best electronic paper display to enhance the readability. Kindle3 is equipped with wireless system for reading and uses an E-ink technology which enhanced the readability in the display which is 50% enhanced in the third generation models than in the second-generation models. Similar feeling of reading a regular paper book could be realized with the similar choices to maintain the font sizes and is also favorable for the people with the vision related problems.

4GB storage is offered in this device which is equivalent to 3500 books. Entire library could be carried in any format be it a, PDF,DOC, Plain text and HTML as well.

Shortfalls in Kindle?

Nothing is perfect in this world same is the case with the developed products and their features developed by the technicians. Customers complain about Kindle 3 for just being operating as a reader as compared to the Apple iPad electronic reader but in reality majority of people don’t want bells and whistles in their electronic readers and just want the device to read the magazines, newspapers and subscriptions.

As compared to Barnes & Noble Nook or the Apple iPad like strong competitors the Kindle lack in color display and touch screen navigation.

Therefore, the bottom-line is that Amazon's Kindle 3 eBook reader is a superb device with admirable superior features and is recommended for its use by the potential e-Readers . The increasing expansion of Kindle buyers is an evidence of excellence of this device in market.