Amazon Kindle 3: The Best E-Book Reader in Market

Amazon Kindle Fire - The Best Tablet

Released on November 15, 2011 Kindle Fire one of the best product being sold on Amazon s. It is a computer tablet version of Amazon's Kindle eBook reader which is the most popular and favorite tablet in the United States and stands second to Apple's iPad. It has an affordable price of $199 which makes everybody crazy to buy it as soon as possible. Being a second most popular brand for customers in US electronics market, this is not very far in preference by customers as compared to apple. There are a lot of features at low cost that makes Amazon Kindle Fire favorite of everybody. Besides this it also acts as a platform for millions of movies, magazines, TV shows and books.

Amazon Kindle Fire possesses battery life up to 7.5 hours. Better screen clarity makes you enjoy good time watching streaming movies, videos, read novels in high definition. Even keeping the brightness high, the battery can last for a day. It is equipped with 8GB internal memories with 512MB RAM along a processor of 1GHz Dual Core. The ergonomic structure of the Amazon Kindle Fire hardware will not make your arm tired due to the continuous use .It also possesses a multi-touch display of 7″ inch (1024×600 pixels) with IPS Panel which improves the viewing angle of the device. Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS is provided in the device.

The Kindle Fire is being called as a iPad killer due to presence of multiple features at lower price and therefore it is going to create a challenge in the Apple success story, in a way that the company is motivated to find out the cheaper substitute against this device. For more information you can navigate here

As Amazon account is already connected to Amazon kindle fire therefore you do not need to enter your credit card information every time. You just need a tap and the product can be downloaded. Besides this you can get shop for free for two days to Amazon Prime where you get free access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Otherwise, choosing an Amazon Prime service will cost you $79 per year, which seems a high price. Free shipping from Amazon is another reason to enjoy while ordering the device.

No 'home 'button is provided in the device, therefore if you want to go back 'home', you will have to tap the middle of the screen then only you can go back to the main screen.