Benefits Of Kindle Paperwhite

Benefits Of Kindle Paperwhite

The ease in navigating and reading is one of advantage of the kindle device which fascinates a wide array of e-book readers. Physical buttons to operate the device are not present in the Kindle paper white as physical buttons acts as a distracter while operating the device. The secondary menu bar, search functions and homepage return could be accessed by tapping the screen. Very prompt scrolling of pages and other tasks without facing any slowdown is the key feature of the device. Book formatting showed no problems at all. Text search and highlighting are very easy functions on the screen of device.

Design and its Portability

The paperwhite is equipped with diverse premium design features at such a midrange price tag possessing the dimensions .7 x 4.6 x 0.36 inches and weight of 7.2 ounces and is performing well like any other e-Book reader. Clean black case with matte, a little bulged at the bottom housing the charging port along with the power button which seems bit inconvenient. Device is deprived of a button required to return on home screen which is again inconvenient. Whereas the rubberized back is advantageous as it prevents the undue drops and slip during handling of device.

Device’s Content

Very strong content options are available in the device. Variety of popular fiction and non-fiction authors offers their e-books to Amazon’s bookstore. Apart from this the subscription could be done with the large newspapers including The wall street journal and Los Angeles Times. Library rentals and book sharing is also supported by the device along with the availability of catalogs with Kindle specific checkout.

Help and Support

One year warranty on Amazon’s Kindle devices for its hardware and software issues. Support to the Paperwhite could be made available by live chat, social media, phone agents and also by online means on Amazon’s website. Other resources include FAQs and other documents.