>How To Choose The Right Kindle For You

How To Choose The Right Kindle For You?

Kindle welcomes you in the digital world. The time has come to leave the dog-eared coffee-stained paperbacks and here’s the time to make your bandwagon entry into the world of e-books. Amazon's line of Kindles is one of the best e-readers out of others. I don’t surprise if somebody synonymies ‘Kindle’ with e-books. Four kinds of models are ready for your purchase but it’s your choice which one you want to select after looking at pros and cons related to each.

Baseline Kindle

The people who just want to read must opt for Amazon's baseline model but it lacks the high-resolution screen and the backlights which were present in the older models. Besides this, the baseline model has many features to be appreciated. It is lightest in weight. Mostly all Kindles have an e-ink screen that won't have the same sun glare that makes reading on a tablet in those conditions is impossible. Long battery life to support the device for at least a week is a front-running feature of Kindle holding thousands of books and is available both in Black and White color. During the night the readability is good therefore if you want a good device for a reasonable price the baseline Kindle is one of the suitable models for you.

Kindle Paperwhite

This model is one step ahead of the baseline Kindle and possesses double the screen resolution, indistinguishable text, an inbuilt backlighting mechanism followed by a 3G networking. Unlimited 3G data free access will ensure you a successful downloading of books at the airport without logging into the WiFi. It is bit heavier and bigger than the standard Kindle.

The Kindle Voyage

The ultimate series of Kindle includes ‘Kindle Voyage’. It is equipped with two additional backlights for uniform distribution of light on the screen. The backlight can adjust according to the circumstances due to the presence of a light sensor which adjusts the brightness accordingly. It is available with WiFi or WiFi+3G configurations. No need to swipe due to the presence of buttons on the side bezels. Its price is big but will facilitate the maximized readability of your Kindle library efficiently.